6 Tips To Being A Responsible Dog Owner

1) Getting a puppy

Knowing what breed would suit your lifestyle. Get a puppy from reliable breeder that can provide you proper documentation e.g pedigree and parentage.

Please do not get a puppy where they cannot show you paper or parents, these puppy are probably from puppy mill. We need to stop the idea of cost saving! These will eventually cause more abandon rate and cruelty towards dogs!

Adoption is another option you may consider but always ask the rescuer to ensure the dog suits you.

2) Time

Dogs need more than water, food and shelter. They also need comfort, mental enrichment, kindness and compassion. It’s so important to have TIME for them, is always good to have someone always at home for them.

3) Train Your Dog

Just like human children, puppies and dogs need to learn polite manners.  A trained dog will have lesser behavioral problems and training your dog will also help you to greater bond and trust with each other.

Enroll your puppy or dog into a group dog training class. Your puppy or dog will learn how to behave politely around other dogs and people. Plus, attending weekly group training classes will certainly meet your dog’s mental and emotional needs too.

Training your dog will help making a safer and peaceful place for your neighborhood.


No one likes stepping in dog poop or stinky walk way.  Plus, dog pee and poop spreads disease and intestinal parasites as well as attracts flies. Please pick up after your dog and properly dispose of your dog’s fecal matter. This responsible dog ownership tip even applies when you’re in your own backyard.

5) Groom Your Dog

Regular dog grooming keeps your dog’s skin and coat healthy, and it provides a positive bonding opportunity between you and your dog. Remember, dogs are stoic. Responsible dog owners are more likely to notice lumps, bumps, swelling or painful areas during a grooming session. Brush your dog weekly and bathe your dog as needed. That could be weekly or monthly, depending on your dog’s coat needs.


When approaching other owners walking their dog on the street, is a good practice to always ask if is okay to let them say hello. DON’T ASSUME ALL DOGS ARE FRIENDLY, these may results in dog fight or bites!

Also, it a good practice to ask if you could touch the owner dog! Some dogs may have anxiety issue that may issue in dog bite towards human as well.