4 Reasons Why You Should Own A Lagotto Puppy!

What is Lagotto Romagnolo?

Lagotto Romagnolo is a pure breed dog that is originated from Italy in 1600s, they commonly known as Italian Water Dog. Lagotto is a medium sized dog (12 – 17kg) and have round eyes in any shade colour ranging from yellow, brown, green to blue. They have hypoallergenic wooly coat, that are great for people with allergy. Their coats come in many color, from white, brown, orange, roan and patches. Its traditional function is a gundog, specifically a water retriever and they love water and digging. Not to forget their nose ability as they very strong nose and are often used for truffle hunting.

Their looks have often mistaken as Labradoodle or Goldendoodle, but is NOT! Labradoodle and Goldendoodle is a mixed breed dog that may consider  to have hypoallergenic but that is not TRUE! Mixed breed dogs do not have 100% non shedding coat as they are relatively new crosses.

Else wise for Lagotto is a pure breed dog that is guarantee non shedding. Lets start 4 Reasons why you should have a Lagotto!

White and Brown Lagotto – Panda

Roan Lagotto – Grey Bear

Brown and White – Red Panda

Orange and White Lagotto – Polar Bear

1 – Hypoallegenic

When looking for dogs, the first thing to consider is their coat, whether they do shed or not? Some people may have allergy to dog dander and fur, is always important for you to know what suits best for your family. Getting a non shedding dog is always the best decision to make, as it help to keep your house clean and family member healthy!

For medium size dog to have a non shedding coat is rare but for Lagotto they have 100% non shedding coat that makes them great for people that have allergy.

2 – Easy to train, Loyal and Affectionate

The temperament of the Lagotto is one of a pleasant and social breed that likes nothing better than to be with their family. Lagotto are highly intelligent, easy to train and quick to learn. They are excellent with children and enjoy their company. But same goes with all dog breeds,  early obedience training is a requirement!

3 – Lifestyle

If you are an adventurous person that love to have a dog that can accompany you. For its size and love for nature such as water, Lagotto is definitely the dog to consider! They are highly intelligent, easy to train and importantly loyal that will follow where ever you go!

4 – Rarity

Lagotto is consider a rare breed in Singapore and around the world, you may not get to see any of it that often. Due to its rarity, it not easy to own one as Lagotto breeders are very particular to preserve the heritage of this breed and where it go. Same goes with us, we do not let our Lagotto puppy go to anyone, unless the potential owner have cleared our strict background check and requirements. Therefore owning a Lagotto is an exclusive and proud feeling to have!