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Our Mission

(AVS License: AS19F0030) We specialise in Lagotto Romagnolo and based in Singapore. Our puppies are raised in a homely environment from young and bred by family who cares for them like their own children. Our puppies are affectionate, loyal and hypoallergenic. Parents are carefully bred to ensure their puppies are clear from genetic problem. All our dogs are from a history of pure breed lineage.

We have proper structured curriculum for our puppies to groom them to be the best dog you will ever have. We dedicate our time and effort to work on their foundation training from potty training, behavioral issue, early socialisation and obedience training to prepare them to adapt to new house easily.

Every puppies have their unique character and we also carefully select them to train for their suitable roles from obedience / high drive, searching, therapy dog and etc.

We want our dog to be your best friend, not a pet dog that stay at home all the time! But a friend that can follow you to the beach and enjoy the activities together with you. 

All our potential puppy owners will have to go through a strict background check, this to ensure that they are confident and ready to bring the puppy back, below is the outline.

– Dog psychology (communication & reading)
– Dog training (behavior & obedience)
– Handling group of dogs (reading dog body language & hands on)
*Owners are required to attend our 8 weeks basic obedience class as well.