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Most of our puppies are pre booked before arriving. We have a booking procedure for our puppies, ensuring all puppies have a loving homes to go to.

We know Lagottos are rare in Singapore, therefore we are happy to arrange an appointment with you to view our adult Lagottos and learn more about this historic breed and their temperament.

Appointment Outline

  • Origin
  • Color, Coat & Size
  • Health & Temperament
  • Type of Water Dogs
  • Training Demonstration
  • Temperament Assessing – Choosing the right dog to fit into your family
  • FAQ

Background Check

Before arranging an appointment, please introduce yourself properly and fill up the list below. Copy the questions below, answer it and whatapps us at +65 9846 1107. * Please note that, you are required to attend our basic obedience course when you get our puppy. 

Personal Information









Work Hours:

Housing/Landlord Information

1) Type of House e.g landed, HDB or condo:

2) Do you own or rent your home?

3) How long have you lived at this address?

4) If you rent, do you have the landlord’s permission to have a dog?

5) How long have you been in Singapore and do you have any plans to relocate or get relocate due to job and etc?

Household Information

1) How many adults are in the home, who and who?

  • Spouse occupation:

2) Number of Children (If Yes) Age and gender of the children?

3) Who in the household will have primary care of the puppy?

4) Approximately how many hours and time of day will the puppy be alone?

5) Please describe your lifestyle active or passive?

6) Where would the puppy sleep?

7) Do you own other dogs, if yes how many?

8) Spayed or Neutered?

9) Please list breed, size and gender of each

10) Did you send your dog for obedience training, if yes please provide certificate of completion?

11) Are there other animals in the home?

12) How many dogs have you owned in the past 5 years?

13) If you do not still own the dog(s) please describe what happened to it (them). Please be specific:

Puppy information

1) What activities do you plan on doing with this dog, e.g Pet, Obedience , Agility, Showing?

2) Preferred Gender Male or Female?

3) Colour choice, Roan, Brown, White Brown, White, Orange ?