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    We spend a lot of time to work on our puppies, they are affectionate, motivated and have the right temperament to suit in your family.


We have travelled around the globe to learn more about the Lagotto and its history. We have worked very closely with Lagotto breeders from Italy, Finland, Sweden, England, Netherland, Australia and more to improve the bloodline of our Lagotto. Our aim is to achieve the highest standard of consistency on the look and temperament of the Lagotto.

All of our Lagotto puppies are raised with lots of love and brought up with proper structured training programme to provide them a good start. We treat every of our puppies like our children of us, please consider carefully before contacting us.

Available Puppies

Roan Female and Male Puppies Available

We are extremely excited for our upcoming litter! This litter was born in 8 April 2022.

Colour of the puppies: Roan

Currently there are only a few left for reservation.

Puppies Selection

We raise the puppy with good foundation training from the young and this will provide them a good start to fit into your home. Every puppies have different character and energy level, therefore is important to know what is your lifestyle to ensure the puppy is able to suit into your household.

Below are some consideration points to take note;

Colour, Temperament, Independency, Responsiveness, Prey Drive, Engangement, Working Abilities, Companion, Therapy, Protective and etc.

*All puppy families are required to attend our basic obedience course.