Why Lagotto is the best dog to own?


The Lagotto Romagnolo originates from Italy and have been around since the 1500s. You would notice in some old Italian paintings in the museum that have a Lagotto in it. The Lagotto were so hard to come by hard and it almost extinct in early 2000s, thankfully breeders around the world have worked very closely to preserve the breed.

Even thought recently the Lagotto have started to be recognised, it is still hard to come by one or even to own it. To be owning a Lagotto is truly a blessing as they have a rich history as a gun dog to a truffle dog.

Good Size and Hypoallergenic Coat


Lagotto is a small to medium size dog range from 12kg – 16kg which is ideally good for family that do not want a dog that is too small nor big. The females are mostly smaller than the males about 2 – 4kg apart


They have non shedding coat with very wooly curls that makes it great for family that have allergy. Generally they are a very clean dog that doesn’t drool a lot.

Variations of Colours


Lagotto have very interesting colour genes. They come in 5 primary colour brown, white brown, roan, orange and white. Although both parents could be both brown, you never know what would the puppies be.

White Brown
White / Orange

Consistent Temperament and Behaviour


The Lagottos are very intelligent dog breed and easy to train. They are extremely hard worker and always love to pleased you, that makes them even better to train.

They are very loyal to their owners and families members, which makes off leash training easy. They are unlikely to follow strangers and visitors or to even greet them. However they required a lot of socialisation when they are puppy, from getting used to people, different environments and etc.


The Lagottos behaviour are very consistent as they have been since the 15th century. They are natural swimmers, digger and fetcher. Through many years of working with the Lagottos, I have never seen a lagotto that doesn’t swim or dig. It is in their nature to do that.  They are a very strong and sturdy dog to do most of the sports with you, from running, hiking, water sport and etc.

Good Health


The Lagottos are robust and healthy dog breed that live up to 14 – 16 years old. Their body structure is consider perfect symmetrical alignment for a dog breed, not too long nor short or big nor small.

Common genetic issues would be Juvenile Epilepsy, Lagotto Storage Disease, improper coat.

Therefore it is important for breeders to do health check for their breeding dogs to avoid these genetic issues.

Good Health


Why the Lagotto is the best dog to own ? Below are some points.

  • A dog that have long history
  • Perfect size – not to big or small
  • Hypoallergenic / Non Shedding
  • Variations of Colours
  • Loyal, Intelligent and Motivated dog
  • Consistent Behavioural and Temperament
  • Excellent Companion to suit for your lifestyle from sports to etc
  • Good Health

If you are interested in getting a lagotto, please feel free to contact us and arrange an appointment to see our lagotto in action.